David Oku

From the vibrant streets of Lagos, to the baroque setting of Milan, and finally settling in the business capital of the world. London based graphic designer David Oku gets his inspiration from traveling, culture and music.

Name: David Oku

Profession: Graphic Designer

Country: Nigeria (based in London)

Instagram: @d.okuart

What made you pick your ‘sound’ moment for this illustration?
I pick my sound as it describes me s a person for anything you do you should put some soul!

What is your favourite movie soundtrack?
I think some of my favourite soundtracks are by the Motion Picture for Cadillac Records. It features covers of classic songs from Chess Records.

Has music had any influence on your illustration style?
Yes, as I can't work without music. I believe that music push my boundaries, improve my style and creates the perfect state of mind for daily routine.

What are your earliest memories of music?
My earliest memories of music are Reggae Music all the Motown classics on vinyls as my father used to love music too.

Can you think of a perfect pairing between great visuals and sound?
Virtual Reality i think is the best pairing between visual and sounds in order to enhance our senses.

Graphic Designer David Oku creating his visual for the KATCH ONE.

Who are your biggest influences?
In my case I think mainly traveling with culture and music gives me my biggest influences, but in the professional environment guys like I LOVE DUST and SHOTOPOP do it all.

How did you get into illustrating?
I have always been drawing, since I was little and over the years it just started to get always better and in the present it is my career, so i consider myself extremely blessed.

Where do you see yourself taking your illustrations in the future?
Im working on my animation skills at the moment but in the future will love to open my personal visual studio.

What excited you most about this project?

Is the first time, I work for a Tech company, as I usually collaborate more on apparel, but it is always exited to see my art in different context.

David Oku Art

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