Durch die Inspiration und Technologie des bemerkenswerten, leistungsstarken DALI KORE ist die RUBIKORE-Serie so konstruiert und gestaltet, dass sie nahezu jede Rolle eines Heim-Audio-Lautsprechers mit außergewöhnlicher Klangqualität und verführerischer ästhetischer Anziehungskraft erfüllt.


Evolution through KORE technology

Maximise the performance and high-end sound quality with our Clarity Cone™ Technology, SMC drivers and SMC-KORE™ inductors (to name a few) - inspired by the DALI KORE.

Exceptional acoustic performance

Designed to meet the needs of the most ambitious high-end home hi-fi and theatre systems. RUBIKORE combines ultimate musical power and bandwidth with intense natural delicacy and warmth.

Danish furniture design

Remarkable sound quality combined with elegant, low-resonance enclosure engineering and a luxurious Danish-designed and hand-built cabinet. Available in three exclusive finishes.

Hand-crafted by DALI

Each speaker is individually crafted, assembled and tested at the DALI factory in Denmark using as many locally sourced components as possible.