DALI 40 Speciale Edition

The DALI 40 Special Edition is a development of the DALI 40, taking advantage of the most recent technological developments.

”The best ideas live a long time.”

This statement certainly applies to the DALI 40 loudspeaker - the original version, which appeared nearly ten years ago. Yet the basic concept underlying its design was so advanced that it has continued to inspire the DALI research and development team right up until the present day with triumphant introduction of the DALI 40 Special Edition. The DALI 40 SE takes advantage of the most recent developments in driver technology and crossover components to redefine the potential of High End loudspeakers.

The DALI 40 is the result of an unusual genesis. The design team put aside common notions and conventional wisdom about how things should be done and set about asking all the right questions.

The design brief included optimization of the following parameters:

  • Low frequency response flat to 25Hz at full amplitude and with critical damping.
  • Tightly controlled dispersion characteristics for uniform performance regardless of acoustic environment.
  • Extremely low distortion.
  • A stable, wide, deep and tall stereo soundstage.

DALI 40 Special Edition brochure


Recommended Amplifier Power [W] 50.0 - 500.0
Frequency Range (+/-2 dB) [Hz] 25 -20.000
Sensitivity (1Watt/1m) [dB] 89.0
Nominal Impedance [Ω] 4
Crossover Network Linear Directivity
Woofer 4 x 8" very long stroke
Midrange 2 x 4 1/2” TPX with floating spider
Tweeter 1" with impedance matched rear chamber
Cabinet Type L-linkage VEB2R bassrelex
Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 124 x 48 x 38

DALI 40 SE 2.png