The EUPHONIA AS2 (AS stands for Active Subwoofer) high-power subwoofer is an entirely new approach to subwoofers. The dual driver subwoofer has been designed to act as a base for the CS4 center speaker.

The AS2 includes a heavy, absolute zero mechanically grounded polymer granite base with integrated adjustable spikes. A 12” long-throw woofer is placed in each end panel, connected electrically to work in opposite directions, canceling vibrations and resonances in the subwoofer cabinet, leaving a totally inert, motionless system.

In order to obtain the ultimate in speed, pitch definition and accuracy, the AS 2 is a dual chamber, sealed system with mild equalization in the DALI Class D amplifier to be able to reach really deep. The amplifier is a 650 Watt (1300 Watt peak) high-efficiency design. A stylish and very powerful subwoofer that matches the other EUPHONIA speakers perfectly in sound and appearance.

The EUPHONIA Series is developed, designed, hand-built, assembled and individually tested at the DALI factory in Denmark.

Please find the EUPHONIA AS2 brochure here and the EUPHONIA manual here.



Product Series EUPHONIA
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 25 - 200
Maximum SPL [dB] 120
Crossover Frequency [Hz] 40 - 100
Low Frequency Driver 2 x 12"  Air Dried Pulp Cone
Enclosure Type Closed Box
Max. Amplifier Power Output [RMS watt] 1300
Continous IEC Power Output [RMS watt] 650
Input Impedance [Ω] 22k
Connection input(s) Mono line level (LFE)
Stereo line level (low pass filtered)
Connection output(s) Stereo line level (high pass filtered)
Recommended Placement Floor
Recommended Distance From Wall [cm] 10 - 100
Functions Crossover Frequency
Standby (Auto Power) On/Off Switch
Variable Phase Control
Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm] 405 x 675 x 615
Weight [kg] 64.0
Accessories Included Manual
Spikes M12
Finish Alpi Veneer
Black Lacquer
Cherry Veneer
Maple Veneer


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