Individually Crafted

Every DALI loudspeaker is individually assembled and rigorously tested before leaving our production line. We constantly refine our production processes to maintain our reputation as a manufacturer of the highest quality loudspeakers, each one hand-made by highly skilled employees.

Using sophisticated test equipment, our talented workers evaluate every facet, from electrical impedance, acoustic frequency response and distortion to 'rub & buzz', SPL/sensitivity and absolute polarity, all based on reference curves calibrated from our original prototype.

From cabinet assembly to final electro-acoustic testing, each and every DALI loudspeaker is quality tested and hand signed by the person who built it. By striving for the very best in industrial manufacturing and individual craftsmanship, we ensure that every loudspeaker is of the same class-leading quality.

The Eight DALI Sound Philosophies

Amplifier Optimised

The interplay between amplifier and speaker is an essential part of improving the quality of sound from the amplifier, which we achieve by creating a stable, linear environment for the amplifier when driving the loudspeaker load.

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