Time Coherence

Ensuring perfect teamwork between the drivers in a loudspeaker is the key to delivering a realistic, transient response and three-dimensional sound image. By ensuring accurate timing and perfectly optimised handover from driver to driver, the audio signal arrives at the listener's ears at exactly the right time.

By designing the frequency response, sound dispersion, baffle placement and speaker enclosure for the best-possible total response, roll-off and phase response profile, we also minimise the need for crossover correction.

When it comes to bass ports, several factors can jeopardise overall time coherence. Incorrect tuning, for example, can result in a slow, one-note bass performance. We therefore tune our bass ports to support and relieve the driver at its self-resonance point, removing the motion strain on the driver to keep it tight and well timed. Also, by optimising the placement of the bass ports within the cabinet and the chamber the driver is working in, we maximise airflow and driver agility. The result is low acoustic resistance and optimum transient response, which translates to a natural and lively sound reproduction.

The Eight DALI Sound Philosophies

Amplifier Optimised

The interplay between amplifier and speaker is an essential part of improving the quality of sound from the amplifier, which we achieve by creating a stable, linear environment for the amplifier when driving the loudspeaker load.

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