The DALI Album Vol. 5 is released on both CD & LP. The compilation is produced by DALI and each track is recorded live in the legendary Medley Studios, Copenhagen, with all instruments, musicians and mixing gear installed on spot. The CD contains no less than 17 completely different Danish artists/groups from as many different musical genres.


Recreating pride in music production

It is no secret that standards for the sound quality of new releases are in a steady decline. The sound is getting more and more compressed and loud, which means that dynamic contrasts and air are largely absent. In turn, it removes dynamics peaks with pauses and breathing space for the ears.




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17 hi-res tracks available as a 24-bit/96 kHz WAV download.

The making of the DALI CD Vol. 5

This DALI release has been produced with a focus on using as little compression as possible and on high-quality sound. As always, the purpose of this release is to present a wide-ranging musical selection to inspire music lovers to take more pleasure in repeated listening to fine performances and outstanding sound production.

The dogma was simple: to create music with nerve, presence and authenticity with minimal use (if any) of compression and Auto-Tune – with all instruments, lead vocals and backing vocals recorded on the spot.

17 recording sessions in the Medley Studios

This compilation contains no less than 17 completely different orchestras/groups from as many different musical genres. Each individual recording has been captured live in the studio with all instruments, musicians, separate microphone set-ups and necessary mixing gear installed.

This was a demanding task, especially because we wanted to give the artists control and let them influence the entire process and join in on the other side of the mixing desk during the two working days set aside for each track.

This method meant that no two takes were the same, but that was just a part of the charm of the process. After all, it is the final result that counts; 17 original recordings by artists, who were given the opportunity to let loose in Copenhagen's legendary Medley Studios.

With the experienced Jakob Groth as the engineer and with another industry legend, Bjørn Engelmann of the Cutting Room in Stockholm in charge of the mastering, the artists were granted the rare freedom to "do their thing" without being run through the usual "sausage grinder" of musical conformity.


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