"An ideal system for those who want high-end sound quality in an easy-to-use and highly capable package"

Reviewer Muse Kastanovich from the American magazine "The Absolute Sound" tests the DALI CALLISTO 2 C and the DALI sound hub with a BluOS module:

"It does a lot of things very well: detail, dynamics, flat frequency response, soundstaging, revealing artistic subtleties, and just plain excitement. These bookshelf models have more bass and play louder than you would ever expect from speakers of this size."

"Classical music and jazz sounded very, very fine through them—yes, very impressive. But when you put on some rock, funk, hip-hop, or dance music they really come alive. The incredibly bouncy dynamics will have your toe tapping indeed; you may even dance around in joy. Our preconceptions of something Danish might be that it would be precise, clinical, and dignified. Um, throw that out the window. These babies can get down and dirty with the best of them. They were born for rock; they love rock; and they love dance beats. Their best friend is a drum kit."

"The DALI Callisto 2C system is highly recommended. I immensely enjoyed my time with it, rediscovering favorite music in the highest fidelity I have ever experienced in my home."

CALLISTO 2 C in the shadows

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