One of DAL's sound design trademarks is an extremely smooth and wide horizontal dispersion, which is supported by the Hybrid Tweeter module. Due to its obvious benefits, it has been used in most mid- and high range DALI speakers in years.


By designing our drivers for wide dispersion, we make our loudspeakers easy to integrate into any room as it delivers a smooth and well-integrated sound for a wider listening position. In other words, the off-axis is optimized, which ensures that the listener has a sweet spot where the sound stage is perfect. It also ensures that the sound received when you move outside the sweet spot is still of very high quality.


Optimization of the audio signal for off-axis distribution ensures that both the signal reaching your ear directly and the signal reflected off the room have the same high quality. This gives consistent high quality of sound across a much wider listening area.

Thing is that when the dispersion is uniform over a wide range of listening angles, it ensures a smooth, uniform energy distribution within the listening room. And that is a crucial factor for a coherent and well-balanced tonality.


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