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With a focus on zero loss, no latency and easy setup, the wireless connection only requires power to be fully working, which means easy change of setup and no installation of audio cords. The wireless connection between RUBICON C and the HUB will even work without any Wi-Fi signal active, due to the direct connection between the units.


Con un imán 100% SMC, rodeado por un casquillo de cobre hendido y jutno a un gran imán de ferrita, el efecto del SMC se enfoca y potencia, reduciendo la distorsión a niveles nunca vistos.


Con una clara herencia de nuestras series tope de gama, el liviano tweeter de cúpula ofrece la mejor resolución en su clase.


Utilizando un cono de fibra de madera se da al woofer fabricado por DALI una membrana ligera, rígida y aleatoramente heterogénea. Haciendo sencillo incluso los movimientos tipo pistón y reduciendo enormemente la posibilidad de resonancia de superficie.


The elegant RUBICON 8 C delivers effortless audiophile performance that lets you enjoy your music - or whatever you throw at it. RUBICON 8 C is part of a wireless speaker system that empowers the costumer to easily access all their music in the best possible quality, and play it back without the need for complicated electronics.

The RUBICON 8 C is able to deliver enough physical bass to fill a larger room, especially thanks to the woofers. 

The RUBICON C audio system delivers modern Hi-Fi on the same high quality level - or better - than the original RUBICON series. This due to the combination of the drivers and cabinet construction from the original passive series, the amplifier technology from CALLISTO range, and the wireless audio transmission from the DALI Sound HUB. Together they shape the RUBICON C series.

Available in three finishes – High-Gloss White, High-Gloss Black and Walnut – the floorstander comes complete with rubber feet to hold it firmly in position and to help keep it at its aesthetic as well as acoustic best.



EQUI Firmware Upgrade Tool


The use of SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) in the RUBICON C series has many advantages, but the overshadowing result is a significant reduction of distortion from the mechanical loss in the magnet motor. SMC’s unique ability to deliver a high magnetic conductivity and a very low electrical conductivity gives us all the wanted qualities of a really good speaker magnet without the traditional downsides.

Part of the “secret” is the individually coated magnetic granules that make it possible to mould a strong magnet that’s not electrically conductive (approx. 1/10.000’s of iron). The result of using SMC is almost no hysteresis, and therefore no distortion.


Designing a ‘best in class’ active speaker system is the sum of many parts. One truly important part is the amplifier, or more correctly the amplifier module.

Using a digital crossover in place of the RUBICON’s analogue one, the two amplifiers in each speaker drives the woofers and tweeters directly. This lets the acoustical engineer optimize the interaction between amplifier and driver perfectly bringing out even more detail from the source material than possible before.

The 6½” wood fibre SMC based woofer delivers the mid-range and bass frequencies fed by one of the two 250-Watt amplifiers. The combinations of the low loss design, the wood fibre membrane and the SMC pole piece makes this woofer able to work with minimal distortion of the amplifier signal. This together with the extremely musical Class-D amplifier delivers audio with lots of dynamic detail.

Our Class D amplifier is based on patented state-of-the-art technology with a global feedback, self-oscillating design chosen for its very musical properties. Being able to deliver 250 Watts for up to 5 seconds, there is plenty of power to ensure more than enough sound pressure even in complex musical passages or massive explosions in movies.


The RUBICON 8 C cones draw upon the heritage from the EPICON technologies, and has a light, rigid and randomly uneven structure. This lower the complexity of the central part of the motor, ensures even piston like movements, reduces the possibility of surface resonance greatly and creates an extremely low distortion within the cabinet.

The soft low-loss rubber surround is designed and bespoke specifically for the 8 C, and all of the components are situated in an aluminum chassis designed for maximum airflow around the cone and magnet system.

The ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter is designed to reach higher into the very high frequencies. Higher than normal for at soft dome used in a DALI hybrid tweeter. This is done since the soft dome tweeter is required to work on its own.

The voice coil is furthermore designed to be very light and agile in order to achieve a broader bandwidth. This lighter voice coil is placed inside a powerful ferrite magnet that keeps a tight control of its movements.


The floorstanding RUBICON 8 C delivers richly defined detail and big bass response. The gracefully elegant exterior of the cabinet works as the base for the low-loss drivers. In every cabinet, the mid-range and bass drivers are separated into their own chambers. This enables individual optimisation of every driver to its specified frequency range, and thereby maximise the woofer output. Turbulence is minimized through a bass reflex port, which is placed directly behind every woofer, and the timing between the woofer and the bass port is thereby also optimized.


Serie de producto RUBICON C
Rango de frecuencia (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 36 - 30.000
Máximo SPL [dB] 112
Frecuencias de cruce en filtro (Hz) 500 - 800 - 2,600 - 14,000
Principio de filtro Crossover Hybrid Full Active 24 bit DSP and Passive all analogue
Módulo de tweeter híbrido, cifra del driver de super alta frecuencia 1 x 17 x 45 mm
Módulo de tweeter híbrido, tipo de diafragma del driver de super alta frecuencia Cinta
Módulo de tweeter híbrido, cifra del driver de alta frecuencia 1 x 29 mm
Módulo de tweeter híbrido, tipo de diafragma del driver de alta frecuencia Cúpula blanda textil
Módulo de altavoz de baja frecuencia 3 x 6½"
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Cono de fibra de madera
Tipo de recinto Bass Reflex
Frecuencia de uso del Bass Réflex 36.5
Amplificación máxima, potencia salida [RMS watt] 250
Tipo de amplificador Discrete Class D (Closed Loop, Self Oscillating)
Burr Brown PCM1796 (Balanced output)
Conexión de entrada ADC-in (RCA)
Entradas inalámbricas Full 24 Bit / 96 kHz (No bit-loss attenuated)
Wireless Audio RF Band [MHz] 5725-5875 MHz
Resolución digital máxima [bits/KHz] 24 / 96
Blindaje magnético No
Emplazamiento recomendado De suelo
La distancia recomendada de la pared cm 20 - 180
Consumo máximo de potencia W 325
Standby Power Consumption [W] 1.2
Dimensiones máximas del altavoz incluyendo la base y la parrilla (AxAxP) [mm] 1100 x 220 x 445
Accesorios incluidos Manual
Paño de microfibras
Parachoques de goma
Front Grille
Premium Spike Set
Peso [kg] 27.8
Input Sensitivity [mV] 1,250
Voltaje de entrada [Voltios] Universal mains 100 - 240V