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Todos los amplificadores de los subwoofers DALI tienen la potencia para realizar una reproducción de alto rendimiento e incluso aportar un extra cuando se necesita.


Todos los subwoofers DALI son compatibles con casi cualquier amplificador, receptor o procesador eligiendo entre la entrada LFE o las entradas por cable.


La carcasa está diseñada para encajar perfectamente a la talla del woofer pero sin renunciar al volumen interno necesario para reproducir con potencia los graves.


Unlike some subwoofers the DALI SUB C-8 D has been engineered to perform equally well with both music and movies. It is very important to us that a subwoofer can render a performance true to the input signal. Therefore a DALI subwoofer is everything but a ‘boombox’.

Placing a subwoofer is a very large part of creating the perfect audio reproduction. We recommend placing the SUB C-8 D in a corner or if that is not possible alongside a wall. This will maximise the bass output and the distribution around the room. The compact size of the SUB C-8 D makes placing it correctly much easier than many larger subwoofers.

Over the years our engineers have developed a set of sound design principles. Today these are applied in the creation of any DALI speaker. Naturally our subwoofers must be able to enter into any setup without sacrificing the purpose of providing wide dispersion, time coherence and low-loss performance. Therefore the DALI SUB C-8 D will feel equally at home in a movie focused surround setup as well as a compact stereo setup meant for mainly musical enjoyment.


The integrated 170 Watt RMS Class D amplifier is a highly linear construction. The DALI SUB C-8 D will follow and render the required signal with an absolute minimum of bias. Designed not only for continuous power, but also for peak performances, the SUB C-8 D is able to deliver 220 Watt Peak Power. This is very relevant when it comes to both movie and music signals.

To improve sound reproduction and to ensure performance under difficult circumstances, a limiter has been incorporated in the amplifier section. The integrated limiter works in two areas: It compares the input signal amplitude to the potential output signal level, and it compares the available supply voltage from the power supply to the expected output signal. If any of these comparisons show potential problem, the limiter will cut the signal in a soft manner and without affecting peak power.

Fitted with controls for gain, cut-off frequency, and phase, the DALI SUB C-8 D will adapt to any front speaker and room acoustics. And with a choice of LFE and LINE inputs it can be connected to almost any amplifier, receiver or processor.

The switch mode power supply is part of the reason for very low power consumption - only 0.4 Watt in standby mode. And the amplifier displays an impressive efficiency of 70%. In unison the high-efficiency amplifier section and power supply construction generate an absolute minimum of heat loss. For that reason you will find no external heat sink on the SUB C-8 D.


DALI SUB C-8 D is equipped with an 8” down-firing woofer. The cone is constructed from high-quality paper pulp resulting in a rigid cone with excellent breakup characteristics while at the same time being very lightweight and agile.

The woofer engine is built around an ‘over-sized’ ferrite magnet and optimised for maximum flux within the voice coil gap. It was crucial for our project team to enable the SUB C-8 D to render the finer low frequency details in music - also at high sound pressure levels. The measured values indicate that we reached a level of control and precision that is rarely to be found in this category at all. And the numerous listening sessions has truly convinced us that this was the right way to go.

The voice coil is 26.5 mm long and built for long excursions. It is vented to ensure air-cooling to the system and the benefit is a stable impedance response. The pole piece is likewise vented for maximum cooling, and here the venting also reduces internal compression in the motor system. This ensures free movement of the cone without any over/under pressure affecting the performance.

Adhering to the low-loss sound design principle, the surround of the woofer is built to allow long and linear excursion. The over-sized suspension is designed to allow both weak and strong transients to turn into undistorted acoustic signals.


The solid MDF cabinet is designed and manufactured to meet the tough DALI specifications. The enclosure comes in a choice of Black Ash or White finish, making it blend in perfectly with most speaker designs and room decors.

The entire cabinet is effectively decoupled from the floor by means of four polymer based oversized spikes. Appearing to hover above the floor the distance of 30 mm eliminates any potential turbulence from the space between the cabinet and the floor itself. Still, the proximity to the floor ensures that the benefit of having a down-firing subwoofer is maintained; a higher efficiency and more freedom in positioning.


Serie de producto SUBWOOFERS
Rango de frecuencia (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 33 - 200
Máximo SPL [dB] 109
Frecuencias de cruce en filtro (Hz) 40 - 120
Módulo de altavoz de baja frecuencia 1 x 8" long stroke
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Cono de fibra de papel
Tipo de recinto Bass Reflex
Frecuencia de uso del Bass Réflex 49.0
Amplificación máxima, potencia salida [RMS watt] 220
Potencia salida continua IEC [RMS watt] 170
Impedancia entrada [Ω] 25k
Conexión de entrada Mono (LFE)
Estéreo (filtro paso bajo)
Blindaje magnético No
Emplazamiento recomendado De suelo
La distancia recomendada de la pared cm 10 - 30
Funciones Frecuencia crossover
Conmutador de fase
Standby (Encendido automático) Botón Encendido / Apagado
Volumen (Ganancia)
Consumo máximo de potencia W 250
Standby Power Consumption [W] 0.4
Consumo ideal de potencia W 10.4
Dimensiones máximas del altavoz incluyendo la base y la parrilla (AxAxP) [mm] 335 x 295 x 310
Accesorios incluidos Manual
Peso [kg] 10.4


DALI-SUB-C-8-D-black-finish.png DALI-SUB-C-8-D-white-finish.png DALI-SUB-C-8-D-black-finish.png