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La rígida estructura del cono basado tanto alumínio o fibra del cono elimina la necesidad de salvapolvo y ayuda a asegurar el comportamiento tipo pistón del woofer.


Todos los amplificadores de los subwoofers DALI tienen la potencia para realizar una reproducción de alto rendimiento e incluso aportar un extra cuando se necesita.


Todos los subwoofers DALI son compatibles con casi cualquier amplificador, receptor o procesador eligiendo entre la entrada LFE o las entradas por cable.


La carcasa está diseñada para encajar perfectamente a la talla del woofer pero sin renunciar al volumen interno necesario para reproducir con potencia los graves.


In most music and movie production of today bass is a top priority. This is one of the main reasons why IKON SUB MK2 is designed to be a highly flexible and comprehensive solution to all your bass needs and aesthetic hopes: Powerful, full-bodied, and stylish. 

The cabinet sports a solid two-layer front baffle in order to create the ultimate working environment for the front-firing woofer, while the cabinet itself is elevated from a base beneath. The downward firing, flared reflex port is carefully tuned to extend the length and to widen the propagation of the lowest frequencies in order to eliminate turbulence and other distortions which occur at high air speeds. 

The effect of all the above is a great musical gift: What you get is a highly impressive, acoustic coherence between subwoofer, sound and your living room – or in the other words: A complete, satisfying audio experience.

Corner placement provides extra reinforcement of the low frequency area for even more full-bodied sound. Overall, IKON SUB MK2 is a perfect complement to any IKON MK2 system and possesses the original IKON sub trademarks to the full – easy integration, accuracy, and sonic punch.

The IKON SUB MK2 is a surprisingly cost-effective solution and offers both impressive bass for movies and acoustic coherence for your stereo system. The bass performance of IKON SUB MK2 is superb because of the combination of enclosure, amplifier and driver. This tastefully designed, modest dimensioned sub will easily fit well into your home environment.


When reproducing low frequencies it is important to maintain a piston-like behaviour from the driver, also at high sound pressure level. For this purpose the long-throw 12” woofer relies on a rigid paper cone and dust cap attached to a 4-layer 26.5 mm long voice coil.

The dust cap not only lives up to its name, it plays an important role in reinforcing the entire cone. The pole piece features ample ventilation to reduce compression, and to ensure adequate cooling.

The woofer is powered by a 325 Watt analog and extremely linear amplifier. The rear panel feature controls for gain, phase, and upper crossover frequency, and the subwoofer will accept a full frequency LINE IN as well as a dedicated LFE signal.


Serie de producto SUBWOOFERS
Rango de frecuencia (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 26 - 100
Máximo SPL [dB] 113
Frecuencias de cruce en filtro (Hz) 50 - 130
Módulo de altavoz de baja frecuencia 1 x 12" long stroke
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Cono de fibra de papel
Tipo de recinto Bass Reflex
Frecuencia de uso del Bass Réflex 29
Amplificación máxima, potencia salida [RMS watt] 325
Potencia salida continua IEC [RMS watt] 250
Impedancia entrada [Ω] 30
Conexión de entrada Nivel de línea mono (LFE)
Nivel de línea estéreo (filtro paso bajo)
Blindaje magnético No
Emplazamiento recomendado De suelo
La distancia recomendada de la pared cm 10 - 100
Funciones Frecuencia crossover
Conmutador de fase
Standby (Encendido automático) Botón Encendido / Apagado
Volumen (Ganancia)
Consumo máximo de potencia W 500
Dimensiones máximas del altavoz incluyendo la base y la parrilla (AxAxP) [mm] 453 x 411 x 452
Accesorios incluidos Cable de alimentación
Parachoques de goma
Llave inglesa para spikes
Spikes M8
Accesorios opcionales Rejilla blanca
Peso [kg] 26.1