DALI FAZON LCR - Fits the future

Stereoplay, the Germany HiFi magazine has reviewed DALI FAZON LCR 5.1 in the category of Spitzenklasse, meaning very high-end.

The FAZON LCR 5.1 is using DALI BASIS 100 SUB and scoring in total 74 points and the price performance as "very good". With this result FAZON LCR is on the top 3 in its class in Stereoplay’s own hit list.


“Dass auch audiophile Faktoren wie Tonalität und räumliche Homogenität gewahrt blieben, macht die Sache noch erfreulicher. So viel unbändige Kraft bei solch praxixfreundlichen Abmessungen – da geht ein ganz dickes Kompliment aus dem boxenverwöhnten Deutschland an unsere skandinavischen Nachbarn”

The conclusion is in free translation to English :

"The fact that audiophile factors like high fidelity and 3D soundstage remain in focus, makes it even better.

So much unrestrained strength with such practice friendly dimensions - a great compliment from the box-spoiled Germans to our Scandinavian neighbors".