DALI FAZON F5 reviewed in Hi-fi News, UK

A very thorough, three-page review of the new DALI speakers praises their innovative style, brilliant qualities, and high-end potential.

In the review by Andrew Simpson, Hi-fi News acknowledges DALI not being afraid of bringing the occasional unconventional-looking design to the market – and sees the FAZON F5 not only as appealing to lifestyle, but also as a high-end candidate, an evolution of current designs in progress.


Transparent and full-bodied sound
According to Hi-fi News, the FAZON F5 design is daring, yet compatible with most kinds of homes. Furthermore, its sound qualities and innovative features are highly praised throughout the extended review:


“The F5’s are transparent with a full-bodied sound but not too bright or overly revealing of poor source equipment.” Andrew Simpson delivers a very thorough and technical test that will prove helpful when installing, positioning, and running-in the speakers – illustrated by many different kinds of tested music – and states among other things the following about the FAZON F5’s bass abilities:


“Perhaps the biggest trick the F5s pull off is the amount of bass they reproduce. Paying attention to this area when setting-up pays dividends. They don’t go seismically low, but neither do they fail in trying. Rather, the bass here is full, measured, and in my listening environment needed little rear inforcement.”


The final verdict is clear:
“Building a pair of loudspeakers from super-strength aluminium isn’t easy. However, the designers at DALI have clearly done their homework. Position and partner these floorstanders wisely with plenty of space and power and you’ll be rewarded with a sound that belies their diminutive proportions.” 75% out of 100 in sound quality (very good!).