FAZON F5 - A modern classic

DALI FAZON F5 receives the rare award "Top Design" in a review by the online German magazine i-fidelity.net

“She is young, beautiful, sexy, and has real skills. The DALI FAZON F5 got a big potential to becoming a real speaker classic. Major point for this is of course the design, but the technology plays on the same high level as well.

That the sound stage is a bit lower because of the total height of 90cm, won’t disturb the majority of the listeners. In opposite of this, all sound details of the acoustic package fit perfectly.

This appearance at i-fidelity.net brings the jury to the rare award “Top Design”, which is not only focused on the design of the DALI FAZON F5."
 - Olaf Sturm, Editor-in-chief

Read the full article at the German site i-fidelity.net