FAZON F5 - Form & Function

The Swiss Home Electronics Magazine brings a 4 pages review of the FAZON F5 in their latest edition.

“The new DALI FAZON F5 embodies a perfect blend of form and function. The Danish manufacturer has created a highly sophisticated design - a quaint, surprisingly inexpensive sound sculpture.”

During the test, “…the Dane played beautifully tight and dynamic. […] The low-loss aluminium case together with the inner damping results in full tonally effect. Since nothing resonates or vibrates, this speaker delivers electrical energy to especially music. In particular, the bass benefits from the “slag-free” nature of this design: The response, even at low bass pulses, is excellent - certainly due to the relatively small and stiff membranes which have a generously dimensioned voice coil and magnets with an excellent drive ratio.”

The FAZON F5 “…shows that it can keep up in terms of clarity in sound, timbre, and spatial transparency surprisingly well” - independent of the amplifier.

The entire review is available in this PDF (in German).