FAZON F5 - Fabulous Set of Speakers

The FAZON F5 recieves the score 9 out of 10 in a review by the online magazine Trusted Reviews.

”The FAZON F5’s are quite possibly the most gorgeous loudspeakers we’ve ever seen – elegant, modern and distinctive, guaranteed to cause a stir in any room.”

“The F5’s are at their best with hi-res music on SACD. They amount of musical minutiae they unearth is staggering, with a deftness and precision in the high frequencies that you simply don’t get from budget speakers.”

“The DALI FAZON F5 speakers also deliver clean and untainted vocals, demonstrating excellent midrange reproduction. They’re accomplished, versatile speakers, making everything from hi-res discs to MP3’s burned onto CD sound utterly absorbing.”

The F5’s also work well with your home cinema: ”Loud action scenes are suitably fierce and even in this stereo setup it delivers a wide, spacious soundstage.”

The full review is available at Trusted Reviews.