FAZON F5 - You sexy thing!

The Features Editor, Rob Temple, of the British Classic Rock magazine has had a close encounter with the "sleek and sexy" FAZON F5.

Rob Temple initiates his article by stating, that you might as well throw out your old speakers - whatever brand you may have. "The sleek and sexy DALI FAZON F5 loudspeaker, standing proud at just under a metre tall, is all and everything you need speaker-wise in your living room."

Temple continues his praise of DALI (especially the FAZON F5), which, he says, is way more "cool" than Helena Christensen, LEGO, Carlsberg and even hardcore Danish rock.

"Whether you choose a glossy black, white or striking red finish; whether you choose to remove the black cover from its magnets or leave it in place; whether you stand it on its head and sit it on the sofa… it’ll still look great and shout perfect sound at you until it’s time for bed."

The full article is available in this PDF.