EPICON 2 – Simply just exceptional

The French hifi magazine "Stereo, Prestige & Image" has made a review of our EPICON, and the reviewers are amazed.

It didn't take long before the EPICON 2 was praised by the International hifi press, and "Stereo, Prestige & Image" is no excuse - They have also fallen in love with this darling.

The reviewers were nothing but stunned by the superb presentation that the EPICON 2 delievered. The sonic performance is very transparent and neutral, but immensely musical as well. The EPICON 2 possess a not so often heard sense of rythm, and is very colorful. 

What is even more great is that the EPICON 2 is really versatile - all kind of music performs very well on this speaker. The EPICON 2 also has an exceptional power handling, but in the same time, also very subtle. 

All in all, the EPICON 2 is exceptional. The EPICON 2 sets a new reference in it's price and size category. The advice from "Stereo, Prestige & Image" is very clear: Go listen to them as soon as possible.

The full review is available in the April issue of "Stereo, Prestige & Image".