FAZON F5 - Perfect balance between aesthetics and performance

The Indian magazine "AV MAX" has carried out a review of the FAZON F5, and the reviewers praise the originality in the design.

"The only possible way to make design and aesthetics balance with performance is to get them both to compliment one another."

And this is exactly what the FAZON F5 does according to the reviewers from AV MAX. The sonic performance of the FAZON F5 is blessed, and the set-up of this beautiful speaker is surprisingly easy. When playing Lusine's "Risa" from the album "Condensed", the performance of the bass is so good that one would believe that the speaker is twice as big as it actually is. What is even better is that the bass is very accurate and open. The vocal performance is just as gentle and curved ad the cabinets of the FAZON F5.

The FAZON F5 is a speaker that deserves to be seen just as much as heard. A bass that will continue to surprise you "[...] and a curvy aluminum cabinet that won't start looking old even after 10 years of usage, this pair is definitely worth it."

The full review is available at avmax.in.