FAZON MIKRO – Having a riotously good time

Our new FAZON MIKRO play fantastic according to the UK magazine, Hi-fi Choice, and leave you with more room for the wine selection or record collection. Please welcome the FAZON MIKRO with "Hi-fi Choice Recommended".

Many small speakers “[…] are destined to live tortuous lives stuck in a corner of a cheap bar, playing James Blunt albums from a battered CD changer – or maybe in a student bedsit on the end of a PC, if they’re lucky. But DALI’s FAZON MIKROs are different.” The MIKROs performs surprisingly well and are turned in to very effective performers when ramming them up close to a rear wall, which also is one of the many reasons that they receive 4½ stars from Hi-fi Choice. They can provide you with “[…] surprisingly smooth sound.” and “[…] a wonderfully tight , taut performance from (almost) bottom to top; the tiny drivers are so light that they machine-gun the music out at you with incredible fleetness of foot, making even the laziest of mid-west session drummers sound like Keith Moon after one too many cups of coffee.”

The gloss lacquer finish is superb, and the overall quality of the construction is excellent taking the price point into consideration. The grilles are of course removable, however, according to the reviewer, the speakers deliver their very best performance with them on.

What the MIKROs do very good is their ability to signpost “[…] the subtle dynamic accenting in the music, so you really get a sense of a rhythm playing, in almost anything you care to play. From Miles Davis’ So What to Stereolab’s Spark Plug, they seem to eke out the rhythm in the music like a heart-seeking missile, and bounce along having enormous fun.”

There’s no doubt about that you will have a riotously good time with the FAZON MIKROs – their wonderful transparent and detailed midband is simply sublime, according to Hi-fi Choice.

The full review is available in the January issue of Hi-fi Choice.