FAZON MIKRO – Controlled and immersive performance

The UK hi-fi magazine, Home Cinema Choice, has had a close encounter with the new FAZON MIKRO and the brand-new SUB E9-F, both performed very well taking their size into consideration.

When starting with the most obvious, the FAZON MIKRO’s are relatively regular in appearance, but yet very elegant “[…] with a neat mixture of gloss black and aluminum trim, and a cute logo plate on the front.” The setup of the MIKRO’s are about as simple as it gets due to the ability to attach the speakers to a wall through a keyhole mount. Alternatively, there are also special designed stands for the FAZON MIKRO. As for the subwoofer, the SUB E-9F easily blends in with the setup with the FAZON MIKRO’s as well as with other product ranges from DALI, according to Home Cinema Choice.

“The brand’s proprietary drivers deliver excellent detail and tonalty. Voices, in particular, are handled with an assurance that lends realism and believability to the performance.” The MIKRO’s are also able to generate weight and scale in the lower midrange and in especially the front soundstage forms a very convincing sound performance, both with movies and music.

All together, there’s a lot to like here. With this setup you get “[…] an impressively assured speaker package that puts in a consistently controlled and immersive performance with movies. […] When you consider the excellent build, handsome appearance and solid installation options, you have a package that is likely to win itself a lot of friends […]”

The full review is available in the February issue of Home Cinema Choice.