ZENSOR 1 – 5 stars for a magnificent performance

Two years ago, the prestigious UK magazine WHAT HI-FI? awarded the small ZENSOR 1’s and they have been a part for the very top of the budget speaker superstar list. But that was two years ago and lots of newcomers since… Do they still have a place in the very top?

The expectations to the ZENSOR 1’s are still high, and they fully meet the demands – the reviewers are “[…] greeted with a satisfying blend of weighty bass, clear, centrally placed vocals and a room-filling sound.” The memory of the ZENSOR 1’s performing like a well-oiled machine still stands very clear: “[…] the Dalis pride themselves on a spectacularly detailed, clear, well-balanced sound, the openness of which will suit most living room sizes.”

With “The Dark Knight Rises”, the ZENSOR 1’s provide a gracious sound of the instrumentals before conquering one with punch and power. Eminem’s “25 To Life” lets the speakers convey a great deal of vocal transparency, and especially with “Fields Of Gold” by Eva Cassidy, the ZENSOR 1’s “[…] wear their heart firmly on their sleeve, beautifully exposing the varying textures […]” of this ballad.

The ZENSOR 1’s are by anyone’s standards magnificent performers and still remains one of the best and highest-fliers in the very top of the budget speaker superstar list.

The full review is available in the newest edition of WHAT HI-FI?.