FAZON MIKRO – A trinity of beauty, value & performance

The US hi-fi magazine, TONEAudio, has had a great meeting with the smallest member of the FAZON series, a 5.1 setup with the FAZON MIKROs and the DALI SUB 1, and the result is indeed more than satisfying.

“Danish manufacturer DALI does a better job than most combing a modern understated look with exceptional performance.”

The FAZON MIKRO setup is the perfect choice for anyone needing their home theater system to pull double duty as a family music system. The FAZON MIKROs are easily mounted, and the small and “[…] exquisitely crafted speakers work well anywhere, especially if you’re limited on space but want big sound.” 

Here are some take outs from the review:

“While DALI states that the speakers’ low-frequency response is 90Hz, placing the MIKROs on the wall and fairly close to the room corners takes the advantage of the room gain, giving the impression of much more powerful bass response than the specs indicate.”

“The speakers are so unobtrusive that almost none of my recent guests even notice them – a major triumph in aesthetics.”

“Through these little speakers, Elvis Costello’s vocals in “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” (from the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack) is positively dreamy, capturing the mid-1960s Burt Bacharach feel perfectly, with Castello’s unique vocal styling fully intact.”

“Personally, I’d rather have detail in a small subwoofer than just boom, and this is another area where DALI excels.”

“This small system’s service to musical truth makes for a convincing home-theater experience. You will not be disappointed.”

The full review is available in the May issue of TONEAudio.