KUBIK FREE: Review in Forbes magazine

Forbes magazine, one of the leading sources for reliable business news, have had their hands on the KUBIK FREE. And they love it.

Each year around Christmas Forbes magazine find remarkable products for their "Gadgets we love" list, where "..Forbes’ staff and contributors write about the gadget they’re wishing for this holiday season". This year, they added the DALI KUBIK FREE.

And the reason? "Because it’s the first Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever heard that can truly offer the sort of sound quality I’d say was audiophile level." The journalist at Forbes liked the KUBIK FREE's so much that he didn't want to part with them afterwards: "..I think about those speakers all the time. [...] I still remember being genuinely impressed at their sound quality. [...] It may sound cynical, but when you’ve heard as many speakers as I have, you don’t expect to be blown away."

For this reason, the DALI KUBIK FREE ended on his "Gadgets we love" list.