KUBIK ONE: Hi-Fi Choice review

The DALI KUBIK ONE is featured in the February edition of the UK magazine Hifi Choice, where it receives 4 stars.

Hi-Fi choice have tested the KUBIK ONE in a TV setup as the only source of sound, and their conclusion is that it does a "sterling" job with 'Game of Thrones': "During a battle scene on a beach the thuds, clangs, landing of blows, shouting and wind blowing all have a convincingly meaty resonance". This, despite the fact that the KUBIK ONE hasn't have built-in Dolby Digital decoding.

In their test of the KUBIK ONE as a music sound system, it shows "such clarity" that it is possible to clearly hear Chris Jones' intake of breath on the track Wake Up Darlin' Cory. And Michael Jackson's Billie Jean has smooth vocals with a strong rhytm guitar: "It's a clean presentation with impressive sonic imaging in terms of width and depth...".

The full review is available in the February edition of Hi-Fi Choice.