SPEKTOR 1: "Little Boxes, Big Talent"

DALI SPEKTOR 1s feature in a group test in What Hi-Fi? magazine!

The DALI SPEKTOR 1 features in an entry-level stereo speakers group test in March's issue of What Hi-Fi? magazine. The SPEKTOR 1s are up against the Mission LX-2 and Q Acoustics 3020 and they give their rivals a run for their money. They receive a great review and are admired for their dynamic sound and compact size.   

What Hi-Fi? praise the compact size of the SPEKTOR 1s: “A big advantage of such compact dimensions is that these speakers will happily nest in all sorts of nooks and spaces their two rivals can’t here." They are also impressed that for an entry-level speaker, the SPEKTOR 1 still uses the famous DALI wood-fibre cone!

What Hi-Fi? begin the test with Radiohead's 15 Step: The low frequencies are tuneful and rendered with agility, and when it comes to outright articulation the DALIs are the best of this trio.” They later move to Debussy's Clair De Lune and are impressed by the SPEKTORs sophistication: “They sound precise and dynamic enough to deliver each piano stroke with the nuance it deserves.”

The verdict rounds off the test on a high note: "The SPEKTOR 1s are ideal if you're looking for small, affordable speakers that deliver great sound."

Read the full group test in March's issue of What Hi-Fi? magazine.