CALLISTO 6 C: A ground-breaking music system

The step into the future of listening.

The first review of a speaker in the CALLISTO series is out. The German hi-fi magazine Stereo has tested the CALLISTO 6 C, which they give five stars and describes as a “ground-breaking music system”.

“In the listening room, the Danish technology company shows what one would expect from a very good speaker – a very airy sound, a clean and restrained bass and a variety of tone, which does justice to the peculiarities of instruments and voices.”

During the test, Stereo has noticed that there are differences in the sound character between different modes when playing the CALLISTO 6 C with the DALI Sound Hub. One is a native CD mode and the other an up-sampling mode, where the latter seems more detailed although a touch of artifice can flow into the sound stage. Stereo finds that the up-sampling mode is most suitable for rock music whereas you can choose your own favorite option after listening to voices and acoustic instruments in both modes.

“The DALI, however, makes a very good impression with any kind of music,” Stereo says and explains that the powered loudspeaker leaves “tones to their in-and-out processes and ensures that music is enjoyable even without cables.”

When listening to Allan Taylor’s ‘Let the music play’, Stereo “marveled at how clearly the DALI also shows subtle volume differences.” And their conclusion is that it works: “Highest ease of use and top sound can be found under one roof at DALI!”

According to Stereo, the DALI CALLISTO 6 C is “the step into the future of listening – wireless, digital, reliable and with the highest ease of use, combined with very good sound. Not a cheap, but a ground-breaking music system.”

Read the full review in German here.