DALI KATCH: An elegant and remarkable speaker

The DALI KATCH is put to the test by Hi-Fi Choice magazine and comes out on top!

The DALI KATCH is put to the test in December's issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine. The magazine takes a look at six portable Bluetooth speakers, including the DALI KATCH in the new Jet Black finish. The reviewer is so impressed by the detailed sound and design, it is no surprise that the DALI KATCH comes out on top and wins the group test. 

The reviewer praises the KATCH for its elegant appearance, portability and detailed sound. “Sporting some fashionable new finishes, this beautiful and truly portable speaker really comes up trumps.” Whilst listening to Nile Rogers and Chic's State of Mine they praise it for sounding the best in the test: "It is light on its feet and effortlessly funky, and its ability to find little details in the midrange really help to draw you further into the music.”

Their verdict: "An elegant and remarkable speaker design that performs brilliantly"

You can find the full group test in December's issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine.