CALLISTO 2 C: "This is high-end audio made for the real world"

John Darko from the hi-fi YouTube channel Darko Audio did a review of the DALI CALLISTO 2 C system (including the BluOS module). His conclusion was: "This is a big sounding speaker with an enormous soundstage"

YouTube reviewer John Dark reviewed the CALLISTO 2 C with a focus on usability and functionality. He was impressed by the CALLISTO 2 C features and versatility - showing its ability to play from many different sources. Such as streaming via the BluOS module in the Sound Hub, using Chromecast Audio, Bluetooth and connecting a turntable to the Sound Hub.

When listening to the CALLISTO 2 C the reviewer comments: "One of the standout qualities of this DALI loudspeaker is its top end. We get a lot of ambient information - so recording space - it is delivered with a lot of delicacy and finesse" and that "This is a big sounding speaker with an enormous sound stage. That and the very refined and smooth top end - are the two killer features of these speakers"

For the review, John Darko listened to the The Ghost of Tom Joad album by Bruce Springsteen, Maxinquaye album by Tricky and the song Phat Planet by Leftfield.

You can read and see the full review on DarkoAudio's website.