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La structure rigide du cone en aluminium ou en fibres permet de ne pas avoir à recourir à un cache poussière et assure un mouvement du haut parleur similaire à celui d´un piston.


L´amplification des caissons DALI garantit des performances de haute volée sans jamais s´essouffler, même à fort volume sonore.


Grâce à leurs entrées LFE ou LINE , tous les caissons DALI sont compatibles avec pratiquement n´importe quel amplificateur.


Le coffret a été conçu pour s´intégrer parfaitement à la taille du haut parleur mais sans faire de compromis sur le volume nécessaire à la reproduction de basses puissantes.


In most music and movie production of today bass is a top priority. This is one of the main reasons why IKON SUB MK2 is designed to be a highly flexible and comprehensive solution to all your bass needs and aesthetic hopes: Powerful, full-bodied, and stylish. 

The cabinet sports a solid two-layer front baffle in order to create the ultimate working environment for the front-firing woofer, while the cabinet itself is elevated from a base beneath. The downward firing, flared reflex port is carefully tuned to extend the length and to widen the propagation of the lowest frequencies in order to eliminate turbulence and other distortions which occur at high air speeds. 

The effect of all the above is a great musical gift: What you get is a highly impressive, acoustic coherence between subwoofer, sound and your living room – or in the other words: A complete, satisfying audio experience.

Corner placement provides extra reinforcement of the low frequency area for even more full-bodied sound. Overall, IKON SUB MK2 is a perfect complement to any IKON MK2 system and possesses the original IKON sub trademarks to the full – easy integration, accuracy, and sonic punch.

The IKON SUB MK2 is a surprisingly cost-effective solution and offers both impressive bass for movies and acoustic coherence for your stereo system. The bass performance of IKON SUB MK2 is superb because of the combination of enclosure, amplifier and driver. This tastefully designed, modest dimensioned sub will easily fit well into your home environment.


When reproducing low frequencies it is important to maintain a piston-like behaviour from the driver, also at high sound pressure level. For this purpose the long-throw 12” woofer relies on a rigid paper cone and dust cap attached to a 4-layer 26.5 mm long voice coil.

The dust cap not only lives up to its name, it plays an important role in reinforcing the entire cone. The pole piece features ample ventilation to reduce compression, and to ensure adequate cooling.

The woofer is powered by a 325 Watt analog and extremely linear amplifier. The rear panel feature controls for gain, phase, and upper crossover frequency, and the subwoofer will accept a full frequency LINE IN as well as a dedicated LFE signal.


Réponse en fréquence (+/- 3dB) [Hz] 26 - 100
Maximum SPL [dB] 113
Fréquence du filtre [Hz] 50 - 130
Haut-parleur de basses fréquences 1 x 12" long stroke
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Cône fibres de papier
Type de montage Bass Reflex
Fréquence Bass Reflex [Hz] 29
Puissance maximale d´amplification en sortie (Watts RMS) 325
Puissance IEC continue en sortie (Watts RMS) 250
Impédance en entrée [Ω] 30
Connectique des entrées Mono Line Level (LFE)
Stereo Line Level (low pass filtered)
Blindage magnétique No
Positionnement recommandé Colonne
Distance recommandée depuis le mur [cm] 10 - 100
Fonctions Fréquence de filtre
Commutateur de phase
Commutateur marche/arrêt Pause (Auto Power)
Volume (Gain)
Consommation maximale (W) 500
Dimensions max. incl. embase et grille (HxLxP) [mm] 453 x 411 x 452
Accessoires inclus Câble secteur
Supports en caoutchouc
Clé pour les pointes
Pointes M8
Accessoires optionnels Grille blanche
Poids [kg] 26.1