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La structure rigide du cone en aluminium ou en fibres permet de ne pas avoir à recourir à un cache poussière et assure un mouvement du haut parleur similaire à celui d´un piston.


L´amplification des caissons DALI garantit des performances de haute volée sans jamais s´essouffler, même à fort volume sonore.


Grâce à leurs entrées LFE ou LINE , tous les caissons DALI sont compatibles avec pratiquement n´importe quel amplificateur.


Le coffret a été conçu pour s´intégrer parfaitement à la taille du haut parleur mais sans faire de compromis sur le volume nécessaire à la reproduction de basses puissantes.


Whether the task is to fill the room with stereo music or to feel the subtle tremor from a movie soundtrack the new DALI SUB K-14 F will deliver!

Build around a 14” aluminium long stroke woofer and with a 500 watts class D amplifier the DALI SUB K-14 F has the power and the control for both impressive movie- and delightful music reproduction. Connect the sub to your amplifier through LFE or line-out, and prepare to be pushed down in your seat.

Features of the SUB K-14 F

  • 14” aluminium long stroke woofer
  • 500 watts class D amplifier
  • Solid aluminium base
  • White or black cabinet
  • High gloss white or black front baffle


Making sure there is enough power to move the large woofer, the 450 watts RMS integrated amplifier has the stamina to keep pushing and the headroom to draw out that little extra when needed. Constructed for lasting effect, it is powered by a switch mode power supply (SWPS) that helps keep the module at a low working temperature. For that reason there is no external heat sink on the SUB K-14 F.

Knowing that the SUB K-14 F will find itself working for hours on end, we wanted to secure the amplifier against overheating. The built in PTC ensures that even if the SUB K-14 F should become overheated, it will automatically shut down until the temperature is back at operating level and then turn back on.

The Class-D amplifier takes an analogue signal, and with an eye on performance and to keep the signal clear and undistorted, an analogue filter is applied. This filter is tuned to maximize the use of the woofer and thereby the output from the SUB K-14 F. To improve sound reproduction and to avoid excessive distortion at extreme output sound pressure levels, a power limiter has been incorporated in the amplifier signal path.

The integrated limiter works by constantly comparing the incoming audio signal to a threshold defining the maximum amplifier output power. If the incoming signal, at a certain volume setting, is about to exceed the maximum amplifier output power the level is automatically limited without introducing audible level differences or pumping artefacts. This is done to avoid clipping of the audio signal that will cause distortion and to prevent the amplifier from being damaged. The limiter is only functional at extreme sound pressure levels.

Fitted with controls for gain, cut-off frequency, and phase, the DALI SUB K-14 F will adapt to most front speaker and room acoustics. And, with a choice of LFE and LINE level inputs, it can be connected to almost any amplifier, receiver or processor.


The SUB K-14 F incorporates a 14” woofer with a deep black coloured aluminium cone. Chosen for its stiff, yet lightweight properties, the aluminium cone ensures a greater transient response than you would normally expect from a subwoofer in this category. Very much in line with DALI’s philosophy in building speakers, the ability to start and stop very quickly enables easy integration with the front speakers.

Designed to be a closed cone you will find no dust cap. Instead it is an integrated part of the cone itself. This is also a contributing factor in ensuring a piston-like behaviour. Consequently, distortion is kept to an absolute minimum – especially in the low frequency area which is where the subwoofer operates.

The motor of the woofer is built around an ‘oversized’ ferrite magnet, and optimised for maximum flux within the voice coil gap. This carefully designed magnet system enabled the project team to reach a high B/L product to enable the SUB K-14 F to render the finer low frequency details of music, but also at a higher sound pressure level. The measured BxL value of 17 N/A is a good indication of the level of control and precision that was reached, and rarely to be found in this category at all. Numerous listening sessions has truly convinced us that this was indeed the right way to go.

The 30 mm long, 4 layer voice coil is built for long excursions. It is vented to ensure air cooling to the system and to the coil itself, keeping the temperature down, which creates a stable bass response.

Also, the pole piece is vented for maximum cooling. The venting here has another purpose though; it reduces internal compression in the motor system, which ensures free movement of the cone without any over-/underpressure affecting the performance.

Adhering to the low-loss sound design principle, the surround of the woofer is built to allow long and linear excursion. The oversized suspension is designed to allow both weak and strong transients to turn into undistorted acoustic signals.


Cleverly designed, the SUB K-14 F is a big subwoofer, but with a non intrusive design. The 14” woofer reaches almost to the edge of the elegant looking high gloss front baffle, giving the appearance of a large woofer and small cabinet. Built from solid MDF, the 430 x 395 x 425 mm cabinet abides to the tough DALI specifications, and gives the woofer an impressive 44 litres to work within.

The cabinet enclosure comes in two finishes: the Black Ash finish is matched with a black high gloss front baffle, and the White Silk Matte finish is fronted by a white high gloss baffle.

The entire cabinet is effectively decoupled from the floor by means of a sleek aluminium base. Almost appearing to hover above the floor, the distance of 50 mm eliminates any potential turbulence from the space between the cabinet and the floor itself. Still, the proximity to the floor ensures that the benefit of having a downward-firing port is maintained; a higher efficiency and more freedom in positioning.


Réponse en fréquence (+/- 3dB) [Hz] 29 - 160
Maximum SPL [dB] 115
Fréquence du filtre [Hz] 40 - 120
Haut-parleur de basses fréquences 1 x 14" long stroke
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Aluminium
Type de montage Bass Reflex
Fréquence Bass Reflex [Hz] 34
Puissance maximale d´amplification en sortie (Watts RMS) 500
Puissance IEC continue en sortie (Watts RMS) 450
Impédance en entrée [Ω] 10k
Connectique des entrées Mono (LFE)
Stereo (low-pass filtered)
Blindage magnétique No
Positionnement recommandé Colonne
Fonctions Fréquence de filtre
Commutateur de phase
Commutateur marche/arrêt Pause (Auto Power)
Volume (Gain)
Consommation maximale (W) 650
Dimensions max. incl. embase et grille (HxLxP) [mm] 429 x 396 x 428
Accessoires inclus Manuel
Pointes M8
Poids [kg] 26.4


SUB-K14-F-white-finish.png SUB-K14-F-black-finish.png SUB-K14-F-white-finish.png



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