The international cooperation between the two Danish brand, the audiophile loudspeaker manufacturer DALI and the band Lukas Graham, emerges from a reciprocal set of values and mutual passion for music and great sound.

DALI and Lukas Graham join forces internationally

Establishing a more formal cooperation with a Danish music artist is a subject that we have touched ever so often over the years - as a manufacturer of hi-fi loudspeakers, with the sole purpose of offering music lovers around the world the best possible audio experience, it surely is right up our street.

We are therefore delighted to announce that we have now moved from talking to acting by signing an endorsement agreement with Danish LUKAS GRAHAM - a young, energetic and very promising band that has already performed in most of Europe and numerous times on German TV. The band is touring in Germany again in the autumn 2013 with the international version of the album “Lukas Graham”, which went to the top of the German charts. The band is also about to conquer the USA as they have just returned from a successful showcase tour in LA and New York.

We are very excited about this agreement which, in our book, is the perfect brand/band match and we truly believe that Lukas and the band will be a brilliant interpreter of DALI - In Admiration of Music – and our quest to produce what we believe to be the best loudspeakers in the world.

In Lukas Graham we have found a true professional artist that, like DALI, live and breathe for the music. He sings and writes songs for one reason only – he simply cannot stop. And he does it with such an intensity, passion and authenticity that we as his audience follow him all the way.

Working with these young and talented musicians is a unique opportunity for DALI to reach a new, different and perhaps younger audience. DALI is, around the world, already an established and renowned brand among the audiophiles and music enthusiasts who prefer traditional analogue hi-fi sound.

However in the late summer of 2013, DALI’s very first active speaker - the DALI KUBIK FREE - will hit the market and it will, without doubt, also appeal to the less audiophile music lovers. Because not only is the DALI KUBIK FREE different from the rest of our range, but it also stands out comparing to other active speakers in the market as we have indeed succeeded in combining wireless connectivity with genuine high performance hi-fi sound.

We were thrilled to learn that these young musicians both understand and appreciate our, perhaps, “old school” virtues when it comes to sound design. It has been a pleasure, so far, to see their genuine interest in and admiration of our huge range of traditional speakers while at the same time witness their excitement and curiosity when it comes our new “active” adventure.

We do of course have huge expectations to this co-branding activity with Lukas Graham which will take the DALI brand even further – an agreement that naturally also includes that Lukas and his band can draw on our knowledge and experience gained during our 30 years in this business.
We are proud to be able to support this incredibly talented and musical band and we look forward to working with them and to following them from the sideline in their strive to conquer the world.

More information on the DALI/Lukas Graham endorsement please contact Marketing Manager Inez Søby Bukdahl: isb@dali.dk