To mark DALI’s 30th anniversary, around 250 uniquely airbrushed sets of DALI’s award-winning FAZON F5 are being launched throughout 2013

Customized FAZON F5's - Lukas Graham Edition

One of these early sets features the notable album cover of the promising, young Danish band Lukas Graham Band - on request by the lead singer himself.

When the Band crew visited the DALI factory in Nørager earlier this year they were introduced to some of the very first samples of these airbrushed FAZON F5 Anniversary Editions. Lukas Graham was really intrigued by the shape and looks of the award winning FAZON F5, but more importantly the band was surprised by the clear and unspoiled sound that came out of these curved aluminium speakers. So obviously we had to create a pair dedicated to the Lukas Graham Band.

And they do look smashing. However, some may find the cover motif a bit peculiar, but there is actually a story attached to this. As a young child, Lukas Graham often visited a local restaurant where this remarkable painting – painted by a Danish artist – adorned the wall. Therefore this painting has a personal significance to Lukas, as it represents fond memories from his childhood.

Each and every one of the FAZON F5 Anniversary Edition’s are airbrushed by hand by some of the leading artists within the airbrush technique. Through the Danish tattoo chain House of Ink, we corporate with artists brought to Denmark from Poland to work on these designs. Depending on the motif, the airbrush artist’s use 2-3 days on each set, which afterwards is topped off with three layers of high-gloss lacquer to give it that deep shiny look.