Louise Olsson - IKON 1 MK2

Im really thankful for having spent time putting together my own cassette tapes and CD-mixes in my younger years. It was fun days, where every party had its own special mix, and music felt a bit more exclusive.

Name: Louise Olsson

Country: Sweden

Instagram handlelouiseolss

Speakers: DALI IKON 1 MK2

Music: Louise's playlists (on Spotify)

Line of work:
Customer Journey Manager at Apsis International AB

How do you listen to music in your everyday life?
Lazy weekend mornings in bed, setting the tone for the rest of the day. In the gym, getting that energy and feeling that makes you want to run a bit longer. Saturday evenings with friends, creating that perfect party vibe. At work, focusing on the task ahead.

IKON 1 MK2 home at Louise Olsson

When/how did your interest for hi-fi begin?
I was brought up with a dad who was verY in to music and good sound quality, so I guess the standard was set in an early age. I waited until I was 35 to start investing in my sound system, as I preferred to wait and get exactly what I wanted instead of getting something “meanwhile". I bought it to myself as a birthday present and had a loud and fun birthday party. 

Do you prefer: CD, vinyl or digital?
Im a digital junkie. But Im really thankful for having spent time putting together my own cassette tapes and CD-mixes in my younger years. It was fun days, where every party had its own special mix, and music felt a bit more exclusive.

Why do you think that there isn’t that many women represented in the audiophile world?
I have never reflected on that, as it has been so natural for me to be interested, and I have always been treated so well in the hifi stores. I guess women tend to want to spend more money on the dancing shoes and men on the technical stuff. I say: let´s do both!

Which track will always wake a feeling in you?
Africa with Toto, because it was played to me, when I visited the Hi-Fi Klubben the first time and tested out a sound system, I really wanted. It brought back memories to when I was younger and reminded me so strongly of how, I wanted music to sound like, and what I had been missing out on the years after I left home.

IKON 1 MK2 on DALI stands

How/where do you discover new music and artists?
Im really happy with the daily mixes Spotify puts together for me, and it is a very convenient way to find new music. I have also discovered new music in some of my favourite tv-series. Sonos offers a lot of fun digital radio channels that provides me with some new stuff as well.

The last two records that you have bought?
Not really relevant to share as I listen to digital music and different mixes everyday. 

Is there an artist, genre or period that you are particularly fond of?
No, I love a mix of everything and have always loved whatever feels nice and fresh at the moment. But if I should choose one album that has been on repeat for a longer time, it is Jamie Woon´s album Mirrorwriting, as it just works in all moods and situations. 

Which records are the pride of your collection?
I'm more proud of my sound system than any music collection.

What has been your best live concert experience?
Metallica, Gothenburg in 1996. I was 17 years so it was one of my first bigger concerts. I managed to convince the organiser to give me a press pass. I met with Metallica and got to stand right next to them during the whole concert. I had a blast that night and my first ever article was published in a newspaper. 

What made you choose DALI speakers for your home stereo??
Hi-Fi Klubben helped me put together a package of products that was according to my needs. They [DALI IKON 1 MK2] look good in my house but most importantly they sound great, very clean and crisp. After I got them I started listening and enjoying music a lot more again. Just like when I was younger.

What would be the ultimate playlist for your DALI speakers?
Whatever mood Im in and feeling I want to create. But in general my own Spotify “Party playlist” is, of course, a constant winner! Lola1978 if you want to find out my secrets. 


Photo credit: Louise Olsson


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