ALTECO C-1: Vous ne pouvez pas ignorer la DALI ALTECO C-1!

Une très agréable expérience audio en 3D

Le site néerlandais Alles Over Film a testé les DALI ALTECO C-1. Une rencontre qui ne laisse pas les journalistes de bois.

Selon Alles Over Film, “ces enceintes de hauteur propulsent littéralement la restitution surround dans une toute autre dimension” et bien que les ALTECO C-1 ne soient pas certifiées Dolby Atmos en raison de leur conception et de leur structure différente, “cela ne les rend pas moins capables” . “En fait, DALI a conçu des enceintes qui peuvent être utilisées dans toutes les configurations, sauf en enceinte centrale."

The switch on the loudspeaker makes it possible to direct the sound up or down, which is very useful according to Alles Over Film. “The sound really seems to come from behind you, while you are actually almost against the wall,” when you want to use a pair of rear speakers in a surround setup and your seat is completely against the back wall. “So DALI is very handy in this way,” they say.

As a surround setup* it offers “a very pleasant 3D audio experience. The sound came very naturally into the living room and despite the lack of height channels behind me, I still had a great feeling of immersion,” the reviewer explains.

“With the ALTECO C-1, DALI has again brought a nice product to the market,” Alles Over Film elaborates. “The combination of a very competitive price, excellent quality and versatile use ensures that you simply cannot ignore the ALTECO C-1,” they add.

Their conclusion of the DALI ALTECO C-1 speakers is that it is a “really good home cinema with hi-fi quality is closer than you think. Five stars!” Furthermore, they highlight that you get value for your money, it is good as a stereo speaker, it is easy to place, it is flexible, it has a good spread of sound and it is nicely finished.

Read the full review in Dutch here.