RUBICON 5 - Enormously playful

Sometimes you tend to forget the one in the middle. This is definitely not the case with the RUBICON 5 according to the recognized German hi-fi magazine, AUDIO, who are dazzled by this darling.

The RUBICON 5 is not only visually beautiful with the perfect craftsmanship, but also technically outstanding. With the rustic soul number “Holler” by Jeff Cascaro, the RUBICON 5 delivers bursting dynamics and colorations, and it’s easy to imagine how the singer performs and squeeze every word out with all of his heart. The RUBICON 5 succeeds with the analogous balance between plasticity and accuracy: The sound stage is amazingly width and deep leaving the listeners with an authentic experience. As for the bass performance, the RUBICON 5 is really strong, but always sensual and controlled.

The RUBICON 5 might be the speaker in the middle of the RUBICON family, but truly manage to stand out with a lively, neutral and open position and always ready to play.

The full review is available in the September issue of AUDIO.


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