DALI KATCH: "Raising the bar for bluetooth speakers?"

The DALI KATCH features in The Telegraph's Luxury Technology section and impresses reviewer Ken Kessler!

The online article from the Telegraph's Luxury Technology section looks at the evolution of Bluetooth loudspeakers. It explores the DALI KATCH's many qualities, from its practicality to its great sound. 

When faced with the question of why it sounds so good, the article praises the DALI KATCH "It has 25 watts of power per speaker, sound emanating from both sides for a room-filling spread, and no less than three drive units - woofer, tweeter and passive radiator - to deliver the music in all its glory."

Ken Kessler concludes "you might fall so in love with it that you’ll want to buy a second Katch".

Read the full feature from The Telegraph here.

KATCH DarkShadow miljoe 05.jpg

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