The CALLISTO Spike Set is adjustable to fit both the CALLISTO 6 C speaker as well as the CALLISTO 2 C, and it is included as a standard accessory for the floorstanding CALLISTO 6 C. The spikes are easily applied by mounting them in the threaded bottom inserts of the speaker base.

The spike set will furthermore be compatible with the floorstanding models of the RUBICON and OPTICON series.

Early owners of the CALLISTO 6 C will discover that instead of the spike set, the speakers come with a voucher for this set. This is due to a delay in production of the CALLISTO spikes, which will be available in a near future.

If you have landed on this page after purchasing the floorstanding CALLISTO speakers, you can use the link below to redeem your spike set voucher.


DALI CALLISTO Spike Set specs

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