Dúné is an award-winning band from Denmark. Their genre is a mash up of catchy melodies and fierce electro elements, which has taken them across the globe.

Dúné – Hedonism (Ole Bjorn Heiring Sørensen/Mattias Kolstrup/Piotrek Wasilewski/Andreas Kruger/Viktoria Siff Hansen)

Band: Vocal: Matthias Kolstrup, Piano/Keys/guitar: Ole Bjorn Heiring Sørensen, Bass: Piotrek Wasilewski
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In 2001, the initial seeds for the seven-piece rock band Dune were planted. Heavily inspired by postpunk, 80’s pop and indie rock, Dune quickly became famous for their energetic live performances on the rock scene and soon became a regular attraction at music festivals. This led to prestigious gigs such as opening local shows for modern legends like Foo Fighters and Muse.

In 2014, Dune were boiled down to the current line-up of the remaining three childhood friends: Piotrek Wasilewski, Ole Bjorn and Mattias Kolstrup. This naturally rubbed off on their music, which has evolved into a mix of urban rock, hip-hop and electronica. But today, Dune is strong as ever - playing sold out shows throughout both their 2016 and 2017 tours, not counting all the festivals. They describe their own sound as Iggy Pop meets Diplo at a N.E.R.D concert with Depeche Mode and A-ha hanging out in the bar.

Recorded in Medley Studios 12/13.10.17: Desk SSL9000j, BD Neumann U47, KICK Electro Voice RE-20, SN Sennhesser 421, SN2 AKG C460 B, HH Bruel & Kj.r 4011,TAM1 AKG 414 omni, TAM2 Neumann U87 omni, KIT SM57, OH Bruel & Kj.r 4011 stereo, AMBIENCE Bruel & Kj.r 4006 stereo, Xtra drum ambience: B&O ribbon stereo mic, GUITAR: VOX AMP U47 fet / SM57 – Kemper, VOCAL: U89, BASS: AMPEG AMP, Sennheiser 421 and U89.
Mixing: Desk SSL9000j, Vocal: NTP 179-100, Tubetech C1, Pultec EQP-1A, dbx 900 deess.
Master: Neve 33655, Pultec EQP-1A3 stereo pair.

The beat in the verses was created by recording extra drums and distorting them through a Culture Vulture valve distorter and with lots of old tube and ribbon mics. There are a lot of things going on in the track, so we needed to have breathy parts before the big finale.