The 'DALI CD VOL 1' is a compilation of various tracks personally and carefully selected with the purpose of giving music lovers the chance to enjoy the full potential of their DALI loudspeakers. The 'DALI CD VOL 1' is, in other words, a collection of great recordings from great musicians.

Since 1983 DALI has designed, developed and produced hi-fi loudspeakers with one goal only. To fulfill our vision of how a loudspeaker should sound, look and feel.

At DALI we are driven by raw enthusiasm and optimism on a never-ending journey to satisfy our audiophile ideas of what a good loudspeaker is.

The same with this CD - we have personally selected these tracks in various musical styles to enable you to enjoy the full potential of your DALI speakers. Great recordings from great musicians on speakers made in admiration of music.

When we write "In Admiration Of Music" it is much more than a nice sounding motto. It is the very foundation on which we develop and produce loudspeakers.

Track list:

1. John Campbell - Down In The Hole (4:55)
2. Hans Theessink - Mississippi (6:01)
3. Hugh Masekela - Stimela (The Coal Train) (10:00)
4. The Yuri Honing Trio - Walking On The Moon (5:28)
5. Jocelyn B. Smith - When I Need You (7:59)
6. Jan Akkerman - Am I Losing You (6:24)
7. Damien Rice - Cannonball (5:10)
8. Peter Schneider & The Stimulators - St. James Infirmary (6:47)
9. Terry Evans - Get Your Lies Straight (5:34)
10. Patricia Barber - Let It Rain (5:09)
11. Marilyn Mazur & Audun Kleive - Drum Impro (2:24)
12. Dick Hyman - Bach Up To Me (2:36)



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