New jazz release from GinmanBlachmanDahl

In collaboration with DALI, the acknowledged Danish jazz trio GinmanBlachmanDahl has released their third record The Velvet Blues, which has already received its first review (★★★★★★) in music magazine Gaffa. Available on LP, CD and download.

The Velvet Blues by the danish jazz trio GinmanBlachmanDahl
The Velvet Blues
Label: DALI A/S
Release: 17/04/2020
Formats: LP, CD, Download
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GinmanBlachmanDahl is an exceptional trio on the Scandinavian jazz scene and were the first Danish group ever released by legendary Verve Records. "The Velvet Blues" is the trio's third release - and their first in collaboration with DALI.

The trio consists of three significant musical personalities and leading figures on the Danish music scene: Lennart Ginmann, Thomas Blachman & Carsten Dahl.

Wonderful, soothing, addictive (★★★★★★)

"...the trio plays so sensitive, sensual and swinging that I find myself smiling from start to finish, impressed and enthralled. Almost happy." - Ivan Rod,

From a tight, rhythmic pulsing swing beat to abstract, dissolving free structures, it is music of its time rooted in the classic, beguiling melancholy of jazz, yet simultaneously invoking a universal meeting among three virtuoso instrumentalists. It is an attempt to make time stand still, in a moment of utter selflessness in the service of music.

Have a listen below and judge for yourself.

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The DALI Jazz Edition
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