IKON 2 awarded 5 stars in What HIFI

What Hi-Fi (UK) reviewed the IKON 2 in December and had this to say about it: "[...] these standmounters are every bit as capable as their bigger brother."

”If You´ve seen our 2005 Awards issue – you´ll have read our entusiastic appraisal of DALI´s IKON 6 floorstanders. We´re careful not to let Award-winners´ glory to reflect on their siblings, but in the case of the IKON 2s we´ve no need for caution: these standmounters are every bit as capable as their bigger brother”

“Those twin-tweeters enable a superbly clean, precise and coherent top end. Percussive sounds sparkle without any hint of hardness – there´s a crisp level of attack where rivals make you wince.”

“...in the midrange, voices are granted realism and breathing space – the emotional import of a song like Nick Drake´s Northern sky is startling in its immediacy.”

“...at the low end, the bass is punchy and blessed with fine drive and timing”

“The overall picture is composed, well integrated and musical, with big spoonfuls of drive and superb tempo management – “we couldn´t help to tap our feet to every piece of music played”

“...they´re musical, unshowy performers that get right to the fundamentals of recordings with alacrity”


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