DALI FAZON LCR 5.1 - Flat Panel-Friendly Speaker System

The FAZON LCR 5.1 including BASIS 100 SUB was reviewed in American Perfect Vision’s online magazine "Playback Magazine".

The review is done reflecting the statement “By now most smart home theater buyers realize high-resolution video is only half the story; to get maximum benefit from your HD system, it’s crucial to pony up for equally accomplished speaker ensembles and subwoofers.”


"The DALI FAZON LCR speaker's Danish modern, distinctly elegant demeanor is a brilliant alternative to the overly plastic, mass-market models crowding the big box store shelves."

"Consider this system if you're a fan of European design and plan on listening to as much music as watching movies. Give this system a careful listen if you prefer smooth non-fatiguing sound over sizzle and zing."