FAZON F5 - Crystal Clear Sound

The German magazine Stereoplay reviews the FAZON F5 and finds it very powerful and realistic.

Beautiful living
The FAZON F5 is an elegant designed floor speaker. Its cabinet is made from high-strength die-cast aluminium with drivers that are made for playing rich details. The F5 sounds exceptional grown-up for its size and also sounds very lively and rich in details at lower volumes … Someone once said: 'Who wants to be beautiful, must suffer.' Now we have the beautiful AND great sounding F5 from DALI.” - Wolfram Eifert, STEREOPLAY
Loud and crystal clear sound
"In fact, the masculine voice and bass of the F5 are very powerful and realistic. Through Elvis Presley's catchy 'Fever' the F5 easily kept the individual voices apart and proved an excellent sense of timing. The song's savory finger snapping sounded very natural. The character was very impulsive, thanks to the electrostatic transducers that are known for their speed."

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