EPICON 6 - The best high-end loudspeaker of 2012

The EPICON 6 is awarded Best High-End Loudspeaker of 2012 by Norwegian hi-fi magazine "Lyd & Bilde".

The award as "The best high-end loudspeaker of 2012" was based on the thorough test, which "Lyd & Bilde" has carried out in October 2012. It is the editors from the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish editions of the magazines, which have chosen the winners.

The reasons for selecting the EPICON 6 as "The best high-end loudspeaker of 2012" is among others because of the fact that "the EPICON 6's are free from distortion, which thereby brings you closer to the real thing. The sound picture is large and very precise and the dynamic contrast is extreme. The EPICON 6's doesn't favorise any particular type of music as long as the recording is great and dynamic. One doesn't need a pricy amplifier to make the EPICON 6 sound amazing, however, they truly ackknowledge such an amplifier with an outstanding and dynamic sound picture.

The thorough test of the EPICON 6 is found at lydogbilde.no and the reason for awarding the EPICON 6 can be found in the January issue of Lyd og Bilde.
The complete list of awarded products can be found at elektronikkbransjen.no.

DALI EPICON 6 ruby macassar