LEKTOR 1 - Detail, control and timing

The UK magazine WHAT HI-FI? have once again reviewed LEKTOR 1, they remain a charmin pair of speakers.

In 2008, the Lektor 1's won a Best Buy Award from WHAT Hi-FI?, and the magazine review the LEKTOR 1's in a Stereo Speakers Supertest.

The LEKTOR 1's still look striking with their smart finish and well-built enclosure. A pair of LEKTOR 1's are happy in small listening rooms, and in spite of their compact size, the LEKTOR 1's have a decent amount of scale and fluid dynamics considering their petite size. "[...] these Lektor 1s are capable of delivering quite a substantial and engaging sound." The LEKTOR 1's have great control over the music, even though they don't reach as deep in the bass as some. However, they shine in the mid-to-high-frequency ranges with voices that sound natural and direct.

"Detail, control, timing: the Dali Lektor 1s are still every bit as accomplished in these areas as they were back when we tested them in 2008." Unfortunately, they have lost the five-star rating, but the reviewers from WHAT Hi-FI? credit these speakers for a sound that remains enjoyable and exciting.

4/5 stars

FOR: Lively, agile performers; strong midrange with engaging vocals; control and authority

AGAINST: The compact size means they won't go as deep as some rivals; lack a touch of clarity

VERDICT: There's plenty to love, if you'll trade deep bass for articulate mid-to-high frequencies

The full review is available at whathifi.com