SUB P-10 DSS - Universal talent

The DALI SUB P-10 DSS is named test winner by German hi-fi magasine, Stereo, in this five star review, where they compare it to four other subwoofers.

According to the reviewer from Stereo, the sonic performance of the SUB P-10 DSS is breathtaking and it gives one goosebumps, when listening to it's strong power. The high-gloss finish is stunning, and the fact that the SUB P-10 DSS can reach a maximum of 112 decibels should be enough to satisfy the listener, who demands both a beauty and a beast. 

The SUB P-10 DSS has a crispy precision when it comes to hi-fi as well as a thunderous bass in home theater. The DALI SUB P-10 DSS has been engineered to perform equally well with both music and movies with the opportunity to set the subwoofer on "hi-fi" or "cinema", which the reviewer truly appreciate. Audiophiles could choose"hi-fi", while movie enthusiasts could choose "cinema". So the possibilities for using the SUB P-10 DSS with both music and movies are splended, and with the SUB P-10 DSS, the reviewer states that there is no reason to buy other subwoofers. 

The SUB P-10 DSS is worth every penny and is the clear winner of this test. It's simply a beautiful beast with a universal talent.

The full review is available in the newest edition of "Stereo". 


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