EPICON 2 – Top notch in every aspect

The German hi-fi website, AREADVD, finds the compact EPICON 2 beautiful and acoustically brilliant.

The EPICON 2 is exquisite, sophisticated and captivating in sound and looks according to AREADVD. This speaker shows no weaknesses regardless of genre and proves that it can perform despite of the compact exterior dimensions, and as for the bass performance, many other floor standing speakers would indeed envy this little beauty.

The sound performance is always authentic, accurate and genuine. With “Garden in the Rain” by Diana Krall, the overall performance is extremely confident and shows the superior separation of the sound from the speakers. Whether playing jazz or rock, the EPICON 2 proves that they are truly able to take any genre and resolution and create a realistic and upbeat atmosphere at anytime.

The conclusion from AREADVD is that the EPICON 2 is a top notch high-end loudspeaker able to kick-start every party or to create an intimate evening with passionate jazz music. It’s beautiful, exiting and produced with the very best materials providing any purchaser with that unique feeling. The EPICON 2 is without any doubt worth every penny.

The EPICON 2 receives the highest score: "REFERENZ".

The full review is available at areadvd.de.

+ Outstanding coarse and fine dynamics
+ Immensely confident and cultured
+ Great space
+ Very good draft in light of the housing dimensions
+ High pulse fidelity
+ Fine workmanship and outstanding quality of the material