RUBICON LCR – Extraordinary sound

The French hi-fi magazine HIFI VIDÉO is pleased with the RUBICON LCR in every aspect.

RUBICON LCR delivers a gentle and precise tonal balance, which contributes to an outstanding feeling of transparency – providing the listener with an experience of “the real thing”. This great experience is most likely due to the combination of the ribbon tweeter and the soft dome tweeter. The sound image is so precise that the different voices and instruments come out three-dimensionally in a surprising natural way.

The RUBICON LCR is without a doubt a magnificent sound system alone; however, connecting a DALI SUB P-10 DSS to a pair of RUBICON LCR’s will provide the listener with an even more outstanding sound. The RUBICON LCR and the SUB P-10 DSS is a perfect match.

As for the RUBICON LCR’s sound performance in a home cinema setup, these darlings should be the ones that other companies would benchmark themselves to - it simply doesn’t get any better.

The full review is available in the July-August issue of HIFI VIDÉO.


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